Small grant funds artwork for a Peace Walk


The Luton Peace Walk is an annual public demonstration of community solidarity to build a stronger Luton by fostering better understanding. A Near Neighbours grant enabled young school children from a number of schools in Luton to create Peace Artwork for the Walk.

The Peace artwork was printed and displayed in the local community, and included the delivery of a Peace Artwork Workshop, Character and Value Development Workshop and School Assembly Faith Discussion Panels.

John Hinson from Southfield Primary School says, "We have been working with children from St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School and Chantry Primary Academy over the past few weeks designing and creating artwork promoting peace. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to expand their horizons by visiting different places of worship and learning about their traditions. During the Peace Walk, the children’s creations were celebrated and they wore their messages of peace on sandwich boards visiting places of worship."

This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to expand their horizons

The artwork was unveiled in St Dominic’s Square during the Annual Peace Walk, which has left a positive legacy and strengthened the relationships between faith leaders, communities, schools, places of worship and the local authority in the area.