Catalyst is looking for advisory board members


Near Neighbours is extending the membership of its Advisory Board for the Catalyst programme to provide additional experienced resource support to the Catalyst Director and her team as they deliver their ambitious five year development.

Catalyst is a dynamic and exciting programme offering free training to young people of diverse faiths and backgrounds who are between 16 and 26 years of age. We equip young people with the skills and confidence to take on leadership roles, develop local social action and transform their own communities.

Catalyst has four aims to help young people:

  1. Develop the confidence and the commitment to act as agents of positive change

  2. Develop a positive identity for living in a multi-faith, multi-ethnic Britain

  3. Develop creative leaders to act as role models in local communities

  4. Develop the skills and experience to play their part in building a strong civil society and enhance their employability.

Advisory Board members offer their experience voluntarily and meet together with the Catalyst Director quarterly and provide additional advice and support as required. We are looking for Board members with previous experience in three areas: Human Resource management, Project branding & presentation and Curriculum development.

Human Resource and legal affairs management

Catalyst has a small core staff who work with a growing team of freelance trainers who deliver course programmes; with local and national organisations providing course participants; and with a growing network of course alumni. We are calling for an Advisory Board member able to support Catalyst in ensuring secure contracts, agreements and relationships across all of these areas.

Project branding and presentation

Catalyst will be dramatically scaling up its reach in the next five years and will develop its branding and presentation to reflect and achieve its ambitions. We are looking for an Advisory Board member to support Catalyst in maximising its image and recognition across all stakeholder groups and ensuring consistency in messaging and presentation.

Curriculum development

Catalyst provides short accredited courses for 16-26 year olds from areas of diversity and difference to enhance their practical skills & knowledge in confidence building, effective communication and leadership. The curriculum builds on five years of experience but will be significantly developed and adapted to the increased programme scale and we are looking for an Advisory Board member with experience in the areas of training and curriculum development

This is an opportunity for people who want to use their experience to make a really positive contribution to young people in our society to do so.

Please be in touch with Guy Wilkinson, Advisory Board Chair at