Community clean up in Wolverhampton.

wolves clean up.jpg

The Lea Road Community Church in Wolverhampton led a community clean up day following a similar event in 2016. Building on new relationships forged during last year’s Community Clean Up, a real need has been identified for further Community Clean Ups. With support from the Black Country Near Neighbours hub, the community was able to make the event happen. 


The different groups who have been involved in the conversation about this include Roma people from Eastern Europe, Christians who attend Lea Road church, Hindu people who are residents on Lea Road, Muslim women who live in the neighbourhood, as well as local police and fire officers.  


The Fire Service brought their cadets along who made a big effort to help on the day, carrying rubbish for people and giving the streets a much needed hosing-down to clean the road and the pavement. They also gave a few house-fronts a spruce up. People were so happy to see this, that they came out of their houses to applaud them!

Reverend Dr. Sue Walker of Lea Road Community Church said "This year there was more community involvement than ever before. It was humbling to see people coming together and working hard to improve our environment."

The organisers plan on hosting a community celebration that will be open to the local community. They hope to encourage volunteers to continue to socialise together through this. They also hope volunteers will plan more community work together and will attend the Weekly Community Café and Place of Welcome at Lea Road Church.