6 Similarities between Passover and Easter

Easter Passover.jpg

Passover and Easter are closely related, with many similarities between them. We gathered several of them that we managed to find for you to read over the break.


Another name for Easter is “Pascha”, which is derived from the Hebrew name from Passover, “Pesach”.


The two festivals tend to coincide or at least be close in proximity as they both are connected to the lunar calendar. The Hebrew calendar is lunar, and Easter specifically is set to fall on the Sunday after the first full moon the first full moon following the vernal equinox.


In connection to their dates, both festivals mark the beginning of spring and a chance for renewal.


The renewal of nature that comes with spring brings with it a promise of redemption that stem from the events that each festival commemorates.

Delivery from Despair

Both festivals speak of a delivery from a state of despair; one from sin and the other from slavery.

The Feast

The story of Easter is set in Jerusalem during Passover. The last supper is believed to have been a Passover feast.


Passover and Easter are only one example of the strings that connect Judaism and Christianity.

Did we miss any similarities? Please let us know if you can think of others!