Great success for Catalyst in Peterborough


Near Neighbours in Peterborough has just delivered three Catalyst young leadership training courses as part of the grant received by the Tudor Trust last year.

Courses were organised at City College, Thomas Deacon Academy Trust and the King’s Cathedral School, and saw the attendance of an average of 20 pupils each: they attended interactive sessions on identity, faith and belonging, exploring leadership, effective communication and social action, with the aim of identifying young people with leadership potential and empowering them to become positive role models and active leaders in their communities.

The atmosphere was very positive and the students engaged with the tutors and interacted with each other in a very constructive way.

Though, before attending, many students thought the course would be “a bit boring and lot of talking” (Ziah), after the experience, their feedback was extremely positive, with many students highlighting the interactive nature of the course and the invaluable skills they have learnt in terms of communication and leadership.

Another participant, Milly, said that she “did not expect to be so fun, and interactive”, while Ziah said that after the course he feels now “more confident” and would definitively recommend it to others.

You can watch the video below where Mo and Chelsea share their feedback on the Catalyst programme they have attended.

Feedback from Mo and Chelsea who attended the Catalyst programme in Peterborough in July 2019

Tasha Dalton, Vice Principal of City College, John Mansfield Campus, sent this note at the end of the course.

“Having the Catalyst programme run at City College Peterborough has been a thoroughly enjoyable and enriching experience for our learners. They have been given an opportunity to work with their peers and express their thoughts and feelings around key issues that impact and effect the world in which they live. We look forward to running future programmes and giving more young people access to such a brilliant learning programme.“

You can read more about Catalyst here.