Catalyst Leadership Program will expand to Peterborough next year

Near Neighbours has received a grant from the Tudor Trust to deliver its Catalyst young leadership training course in Peterborough for the next three years.

A total of £108,750 will enable Near Neighbours to recruit, train, graduate and support 120 young people from diverse groups and backgrounds who live in an area experiencing high levels of exclusion and deprivation.

Near Neighbours has recently expanded its activities and appointed a full-time co-ordinator in Peterborough, Femi Olasoko. Peterborough has been included in the Government’s Integration Strategy as one of the five priority areas to build and maintain social cohesion. According to recent data, the overall deprivation level of Peterborough is 58 out of 326 local authorities, and, in comparison to the national average, it has a higher percentage of people living in the 20% most deprived areas and a higher percentage of children living in deprivation.

Catalyst is a leadership course for young people (16 to 26 year-old) focusing on identity, faith and belonging, exploring leadership, effective communication, and social action, with the aim to identify young people with leadership potential and empower them to become positive role models and active leaders in their communities.

Near Neighbours has been running Catalyst courses since 2011, in collaborations with local schools and colleges in in area of low employment and deprivation in Nottingham, Leicester, Bradford , Rochdale, Luton, and London.

Elizabeth Carnelley, Programme Director of Near Neighbours, has commented on the grant: “This grant will allow us to expand our Catalyst training program to ensure that the next generation of dynamic community leaders in Peterborough has the skills required to play their role in a diverse and mixed society.

She also added: “Building on the experience of the past few years, we are going to be able to maximise our results, spending for each participant to the project considerably less than other organisations delivering similar courses.