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Our Greater Manchester hub works across Manchester, Rochdale, Bury, Oldham, Salford and Trafford.

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Samra Kanwal

Local Co-ordinator

07927 550 744

Our local co-ordinator, SAMRA, is based with GREATER TOGETHER MANCHESTER. Greater Together Manchester aims to provide leadership and support for anti-poverty work across Greater Manchester and Rossendale. They are part of the Together Network, an England wide initiative (funded by Church Urban Fund) to enhance and develop the work of communities and to share best practice and experience across the country.


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Introducing Samra.

Who are you and what do you do for Near Neighbours?

My name is Samra and I am the Near Neighbours coordinator for Greater Manchester, working through Greater Together Manchester.

What have you done in the past?

After graduating from university I worked as an IT Analyst in a bank but soon realised that sitting behind a desk on a 9-5 job wasn’t for me. I am a people person, I enjoy working with people knowing that we have worked as a team to achieve and contribute towards something good. I completed the Near Neighbours Catalyst leader’s award over 2 years ago which opened up many doors for me. I was given the chance to attend many events which enabled me to network and get myself known. 

Why did you want to work for Near Neighbours?

Since a young age, I was always so involved with my local community, attending youth clubs and eventually completing the Duke of Edinburgh award which enabled me to reach out to the wider areas of Rochdale to gain some voluntary experience. My first volunteering project was to work with young participants with special needs over the summer holidays, it was more of a chance for us to take part in sports activities with them. Witnessing their happiness of having someone to call a ‘friend’ was overwhelming. From that moment on I knew it put me at ease knowing I had made someone happy so I became an active volunteer in my community, contributing towards working with the homeless, refugees/asylum seekers, and eventually running my own projects working with people of different ages/backgrounds.