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Our West London hub works in areas of boroughs covering North, West and South London.

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Elizabeth Fewkes

Local Co-ordinator

07913 291110

Our local co-ordinator, ELIZABETH, is based at KINGs CENTRE, SOUTHALL. The Kings Centre is a place for cross-cultural and interfaith learning, engagement and transformation in the local community, the national church and wider society.


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Introducing Elizabeth.

Who are you and what do you do for Near Neighbours?

I'm Elizabeth and I am the Near Neighbours Coordinator for the West London Hub, based at The Kings Centre, Southall.

What have you done in the past?

I've previously been working with asylum seekers & refugees in Bradford and before that my family lived for a time in Pakistan and have very much enjoyed the richness of living with other cultures and building relationships.

Why did you want to work for Near Neighbours?

I'm very excited about the work of Near Neighbours, helping to be a part of seeing community members come together for better understanding of one another and to do something meaningful to impact their communities.  I believe strongly that the people living in their neighbourhoods are the best people placed to identify some of the challenges facing their community and indeed the solutions to help change the situation.