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Our West Yorkshire hub works across Bradford, Leeds and Dewsbury.

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Kaneez Khan

Local Co-ordinatorS

Kaneez is based at Faithful Neighbours in Leeds. Faithful Neighbours is a small seed taking root in the ground; the idea is for all Christians to show friendship to people who follow different faiths. We equip churches for confident, welcoming mission and ministry in a multi-faith world. Faithful Neighbours is supported and funded by the Diocese of Leeds, the Church of England in West Yorkshire & the Dales.


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Introducing Kaneez.

Who are you and what do you do for Near Neighbours?

I'm Kaneez and I work alongside Emily as one of the Near Neighbours Coordinators for the West Yorkshire Hub.

What have you done in the past?

I have previously worked as a family support worker for 5 years and for the past 15 years I have worked on a grass roots level trying to affect positive change in my own community. I live in a very challenging but wonderful area that comes with its own unique set of characteristics. 

I have also worked at a strategic level as a Non Executive Director, Trustee on local boards, as well as a Governor and Chair of Governors at my children's schools. What drives me is making a positive change to women, children and young people particularly with the aim of achieving safer, cohesive and thriving communities.

Why did you want to work for Near Neighbours?

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful communities who are passionate about working and living with each other in a peaceful and inclusive way.