Helping you to promote your work, refine your message and communicate the impact of your project.

Once you have developed your project plan and managed to secure funding, you can start promoting your work. There are three things you’ll need to think about.


What is my message?

A simple message will have a much bigger impact than something long and complicated.


Who are my audience?

Do you want to reach potential participants, get people to come to an event, convey your message to the general public, or liaise with local politicians or the media.


What is the best and most cost effective way to reach your audience?

Depending on your audience, it may be best to send postal letters, produce newsletters, send emails, or try and meet them in person.


Social Media.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to communicate with people, here are some simple tips to get started:

Try it yourself

Social media platforms are easy to use, try browsing through some popular accounts to see what they are sharing and how people are responding.

Think about your audience

Different audiences respond well to different types of content, so keep that in mind when producing content.

Choosing platforms

Different social media platforms attract different types of people and restrict the type of content you can share.


Media Relations.

During your project, you may want to reach out to local media to promote your project or to highlight the local issue that you are tackling. When developing your media action plan, think about the following:


What are the key things you want to communicate, is there a topical or seasonal ‘hook’ you could use, and have you got a list of media contacts?

Press Release

Have you written a press release and got it approved by the relevant people?

At Events

Have you appointed someone to meet and greet journalists and answer their questions?

After Events

how will you follow up with local media after your event?