Near Neighbours honoured by the Queen

The work of Near Neighbours in bringing people together across different faiths to improve their local community was celebrated by Her Majesty the Queen with a reception at Buckingham Palace at the end of June.

More than a hundred guests of Near Neighbours, including trustees, members of the staff, participants in local projects, and representatives of partner organisations were individually greeted by the Queen, who then spent some time with a selected group of women involved in community projects supported by Near Neighbours.

It was heart-warming to see the sumptuous rooms of the Royal Palace filled with local volunteers from Near Neighbours, people who organise foodbanks for the poor, social activities for isolated elderly and English classes for refugees; it was really uplifting to see Her Majesty the Queen honouring ordinary men and women of different faiths and beliefs actively involved every day at local level in helping their neighbours and in promoting a stronger, more cohesive, and welcoming society.

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June 2019