A transformative leadership programme for young people; aimed at developing creative leaders to act as positive role models in their neighbourhoods and communities.


Catalyst offers free training to young people between 16 and 26 years of age. The aim of the programme is to empower young people to act as positive role models in their neighbourhoods and communities. Catalyst emphasises the importance of religious and ethnic diversity in our country and encourages its students to be understanding and supportive to people of all backgrounds.

The Catalyst Alumni programme offers great employment prospects for those who take part, with access to an impressive job reference and a network of possible employers, our graduates are given a helping hand into the job market. Catalyst graduates have gone on to be Young Leaders for the US Embassy, work for their local MPs, study at Madrid University, set up a Syrian Kitchen and so much more.


  • Develop the confidence and commitment to act as agents of positive change
  • Develop a positive identity for living in a multi-faith, multi-ethnic Britain
  • Develop creative leaders to act as role models in local communities
  • Develop the skills and experience to play their part in building a strong civil society and enhance their employability.

Upcoming Dates.

PETERBOROUGH - City College, 3rd-4th July and 10th-11th July

PETERBOROUGH - Thomas Deacon Academy Trust , 8th-9th July and 15th-16th July

PETERBOROUGH - The King’s Cathedral School, 15th-19th July

EAST LONDON - Shadwell, 9th-10the July and 17th-18th july


We are finalising other courses in Peterborough (Cambridge Deaf Association), Southall (Featherston High School), West London (Equality Council) and East London (in Waltham Forrest and Tower Hamlets).

Further info and dates will be available as soon as we confirm these courses.



T: 020 7898 1667

We release new dates regularly, please check back or call us for more information.

Days run between 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

All refreshments and materials provided

Contact Florence Akuffo, Near Neighbours Administrator if you have any queries or special requirements such as dietary or a need for a private prayer area, as we do our best to accommodate any request:

E:  T: 02078981667


How it works.


Phase One.


We do this with the help of local partners, faith based organisations, schools, youth and community groups, further or higher education institutions as well as our Near Neighbours networks.

Phase Two.


We bring together young people from different ethnic backgrounds, providing training, dialogue and facilitated learning on a range of topics related to leadership, media and communication, peace, identity, faith and social action.

Phase Three.


We provide ongoing connection with the programme through our events, further sessions and opportunities to apply for funding, social media and local and national networks, supported by Near Neighbours partners.


Daily Schedule.


Day 1: Identity, Faith & Belonging

  • Explore concepts of identity and belonging and what they mean to young people in the UK, including key points of debate.
  • Reflect on and discuss the importance of living in a diverse society.

DAY 2: Exploring Leadership

  • Hear ideas about leadership from thinking and practice and explore how young people relate to this.
  • Explore positive and negative leadership styles, behaviours and personality traits
  • Discuss the types of leaders who inspire and motivate young people to take on leadership positions..
  • Explore the challenges of being a leader.

DAY 3: Media & Effective communication

  • Explore the relevance and impact of modern media communication.
  • Hear ideas about how to communicate more effectively and gain practical experience in presentation and public speaking skills.
  • Learn how to use the same material, with different angles, for multiple platforms.

DAY 4: Social Action & Positive Change

  • Reflect on what we mean by social action and positive change.
  • Explore what young people would like to change within their own communities.
  • Outline a step by step approach to how young people can get organised and take action to transform their communities.

Apply now.


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Further Information.

If you have any questions about Catalyst, please contact us:

Florence Akuffo | Near Neighbours Administrator

T: 02078981667


Elizabeth Carnelley | Near Neighbours Programme Director

T: 07812 984818



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Catalyst changed my life. It opened my mind in a way that I didn’t know before, it broadened so many horizons and opened so many doors.
— Jasmin, Catalyst graduate (Luton)
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