As part of your grant conditions, you should be using the near neighbours logo on your website and any promotional material.

To ensure that our logo is reproduced accurately across all media, it has been supplied in a number of different colourways and file formats. It is important to use the correct format for the item you are producing.

  1. See descriptions below to find what type of file and colour version you will need. 
  2. Scroll through the image gallery below to find the correct file or files.
  3. Click on the image. This will either automatically download the file or open a new window.
  4. If the file opened in a new window, right click on the image in it and select "save image as". This will then download the file for you.

Please only use a full colour logo when used on a white background. For all other backgrounds, please use a white logo.

If you have any questions regarding logo use, please contact your local coordinator.


Colour Versions

CMYK is used for four colour process printed

The white logo is for reproduction on colour backgrounds or photography, to give it
maximum impact.

RGB is used for on-screen applications such as
PowerPoint presentations or on a website.

Mono is for black-only printing.

File Formats

JPG files are for digital applications, such as Powerpoint templates and websites.

PNG files are for digital use, where a transparent background is required.

EPS files can be used for most print applications and be scaled without loss of quality.

TIF files can be used for Microsoft Office applications.

DPI relates to the quality and size of the image. If you only need a small logo, use 72DPI. If it is quite large or for print, it would be better to use 300DPI.